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Invisible Angels


Air Rescue and Recovery for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Rescue: Emma

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What We Do


Why Private Aircraft?


Trafficking Rescue

Immediate transport from point of initial rescue cooperating with trafficking rescue organizations, law enforcement and other agencies.  

Crisis Transport

Medical, family or any other crisis, including survivor placement or relocation.

Family Transport

Transport for family travel or reunification.

Legal Transport

Transport for any associated legal assistance or cooperation with local law enforcement.  

Invisible Angels provides immediate air rescue and transport to victims of human trafficking anywhere in the United States. We will fly to the victims location and remove them from harm’s way,… quickly.

Why is this necessary?  At the point of rescue, survivors need immediate, convenient, and secure transportation out of danger. In nearly all cases human trafficking survivors do not have any identification, making it impossible to board a commercial flight.

Operating private aircraft between smaller airports allows enormous flexibility with timeframes, destinations, and security. Invisible Angels provides transport wherever survivors need to go, on an immediate timeline, and not being dependent on a commercial carrier’s schedule, restrictions or delays.

Private aircraft allow greater control over security, getting in and out quickly, often picking up a survivor and getting underway and to safety within 10 minutes.

Minimal Office


Invisible Angels was founded by a simple vision:  To provide quick, safe and secure rescue and transport to human trafficking survivors wherever they need to go.